IMG_6808June 16 2016
Our Canadian adventure continues, we are leaving Ft Worden State park and headed to the MV Coho ferry out of Port Angeles. The weather is rainy, 54 degrees and looks like we may get some good waves going across to Victoria, BC.
I am so excited and anxious at the same time. Anxious about our RV (Rufus) on a super crowded ferry and excited, as it is my first time to experience such an exciting adventure. I was surprised that is has only taken thirty minutes to load this 341 foot long vessel. Boy do they crowd everyone in, Josh would hate this. It finally stopped raining after about thirty minutes under way and we enjoyed the deck view. I even spotted a gigantic whale; Jeff missed it!!!!
On ward to Oceanside RV Park, we will be here for 5 days exploring Victoria and the surrounding areas. Tomorrow we will visit Jeff’s cousins, Patrick and Jane Matthews for dinner at their lovely home.
To Be Continued EH!!!!


One thought on “MV COHO FERRY TRIP

  1. Hi there, this is such an amasing adventure for you two! Thank you for sharing all of this beautiful pictures with us. I forwaded to Ross and Gaye . You look too cute with you bundle of warmth, bet it was breezy there. Bon Voyage!


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