Forty Three days we have stayed home, stayed away from friends and family and survived. Jeff and I have as everyone should, taken this pandemic very seriously, besides our children would kill us if we got sick. So what have we been doing, you ask?

Painting, finishing projects that have been on hold for years, cribbage, puzzles, Planting a garden, going on lots of walks and cooking. I am very lucky in the fact I have Jeff as he is a lot of company and loves projects. So needless to say we have not been bored. Jeff took over the sewing machine as we made mask for us and family members.

In our neighborhood of over 300 + homes we hardly ever see many people or children. Wow ! there are sure a lot of people now, joggers, bikers, dog walkers ,children riding on anything with wheels. The yards have never looked so good as people seem to have a lot of extra time on there hands. We have had groceries delivered and picked them up at Fred Meyer as they are not charging seniors for grocery pick up. We have twice phone ordered a pizza from Little Pizza Paradise , our fav to help support the owner in these times. We are doing a lot of reading and research into plant based diets as we are moving in that direction with are diets. We have new heroes in Dr Greger. Dr William LI, Dr Campbell, Dr Dean Ornish, Dr Esselftyn and the folks at Forks over Knives. We are spending a lot of time in the kitchen trying to learn new cooking methods with our lifestyle. Jeffs brother Richard has had heart surgery and is learning a lot of the same methods. We are Dehrating more than ever, getting ready for when we can hit the road with our trailer again. We have whole meals dehydrated and lots of greens, herbs, lemons, limes and fruit in general. WE ARE DEFINITELY NOT BORED.

As we are entering into May with no set script for everyday life we are continuing are careful measures and cautions. We hope that you are all safe and well out there. We are lucky to live in a smaller population center of Central Oregon which hasn’t been hit as hard as some areas. Please stay SAFE AND WELL. CHEERS FROM JUST AROUND THE BEND.

One thought on “PANDEMIC 2020

  1. Hiya – it’s Pete and Janet from the Isle of Man, we met you in the rockies last year.

    Loved your article, it’s a mad time to be in the world ain’t it…… you were lucky your house wasn’t rented to long term tenants.. ours had been in 2 years but luckily decided they wanted to move just as we were thinking of heading home…

    we’ve been the same busy with projects and DIY etc. luckily we got back from Bulgaria 2 days before the IOM closed it’s borders with the world !!! TBH we could have stayed very cheaply in Bulgaria but we’d have been bored there if it goes on for as long as the experts are talking about so lucky we left earlier than planned. Our first season as ski instructors was ace. I was dubious but either through luck or because we picked a good school to work for the mix of clients was fun and we only had a few high maintenance/arrogant clients. Hopefully be back there again next season ???!!??!
    Can you imagine if we had bought a van in Canada this April !! it would have been a disaster – we were so lucky to have our USA/Canada road trip last year.

    By the way when in Bend we tried Bronx Born Pizza with it’s multi flavour crusts – it was amazing 🙂

    I’ve got my Hutchys cycles top as a great souvenir of all the fun we had in Bend.

    Hope you enjoy your future travels.

    Pete and Janet


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