Ft Worden Historical State Park



June 15, 2016

Our Canadian adventure begins at Ft Worden State Park, located in Port Townsend Washington. We are here to hike, ride bikes, explore and Geocache.

We started out by meeting our family friends Jim and Jane for breakfast at the Blue Moose Cafe, fun place with funky decor. They set aside the whole morning to show us around Port Townsend.  The town is a steampunk town (look that up) and they were having a steam punk festival, very unique. We also toured a wooden boat factory and a cool bakery.

The next two days we spent exploring and geocaching in and around  WWI bunkers, see pictures below. Ft Worden in the park itself has, two very large areas of bunkers, lot of beautiful trails to explore and a really beautiful lighthouse, with free tours.

We did treat ourselves for our 21st anniversary and had dinner downtown at Sirens. We sat outside on the deck  and watched the river otters feed and play. The food was incredible. We would definitely come back to stay, just a beautiful park with all of the amenities.





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