Salad Spinners For RV’S and smaller spaces

Today I am going to review my new favorite  collapsible salad spinner. Which happens to  reduce itself in size by half for COMPACT STORAGE. BPA free and a ample 4 Liter size.

HOW TO USE: Remove lid and expand bowl and basket separately. Place the lid on the bowl and start turning, it’s that simple.

CLEANING: Hand wash for better results. To disassemble lid, simply unscrew the green center knob under the lid.

OTHER USES: Basket can be used as a colander and the bowl can be used for mixing salads and for serving.

Review:   After  using this product for several months I cannot find  anything that I don’t like, I even love the bright lime green and white color.  The spinner handle is very easy to spin and it really removes the moisture from the lettuce and or herbs. Being a multi functional kitchen gadget which folds up to 10 inches by 10 inches by 3 inches I would highly recommend. Staefeit is available on Amazon for free shipping.


Disclaimer: I have not been asked to review, approached or rembursed for reviewing this product. I wanted to share a product I really like which works great for our RV and would be wonderfull for other small spaces such as apartments or tiny homes etc.