Julienne and Vegetable Peeler by UberChef

I dont know about you but my husband and I love gadgets. We both love to cook, but I hate a tool that’s just o.k. maybe not so sharp which is really dangerous or hard to  clean or so bulky it won’t fit in your drawers. It was time to get rid of my (4) dull vegetable peelers, yes (4) and get a really decent one. I searched the internet with mixed opinions . I had just received this months copy of my very favorite  Fine Cooking Magazine, June/July 2018 issue. One of the topics was peelers, they reviewed 4 different brands and I am sure all of the brands are wonderful in their own unique designs. The one that caught my eye was the Uberchef dual julienne and vegetable peeler.

Not wasting any time I ordered one for me and one for my daughter, can’t wait to hear how she loves it.  I ordered them on Amazon for $9.95, free shipping and arrived in two days what a deal.  UberChefPeeler.com 

 Now for the true test, does it live up to what I expected from the Fine Cooking article. The answer is absolutely YES, it’s really amazing.

Number one reason I choose this brand of peeler is because it was made out of heavy-duty solid stainless steel, dishwasher safe and a ubanamic handle which is very comfortable and easy to control.

Second it does double duty, very user friendly, easily and neatly juliennes veggies and fruit. The blade on the opposite side is a traditional very sharp vegetable peeler.  Super easy to clean, including a thin cleaning brush.

This uberchef julienne and peeler will also replace my medium size julienne machine which is difficult to set up and clean. So actually I give up 5 gadgets in my kitchen for one super quality gadget which will last for years.

Testing:  potatoes, so much faster and easier.

Tomatoes: the blade is so sharp it left the tomato in perfect condition.

Kiwi: No problem

Julienne:  Turnips, carrots, zucchini, cucumbers, asparagus and one of our favorite sweet potatoes (perfect). With this device you can julienne almost anything.

Happy  cooking from JUST AROUND THE  BEND ♥♥♥♥          liz-logo-1                                                                      


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