Crane Prairie Reservoir is a man-made lake located about 42 miles southwest of Bend in Deschutes County, Oregon, United States. The reservoir is named for the cranes that thrive in its habitat and for the upper Deschutes River prairie that once covered the area before the dam on the Deschutes was constructed in 1922. One of the most scenic lakes in Central Oregon with amazing fishing and large open campsites.

Cons: Mosquitoes and tree stumps in the lake- good for boat repair shops, bad for your prop.

Crane Prairie is a great place to go if you are wanting to catch large fish, I caught a 22 inch trout myself and many more fish 18 inches and above. The locals call these giant fish cranebows, this year was a very good fishing year for us. We were lucky to reserve site 113 right on the water’s edge which enabled us to scoot are boat right up to the shore line, which saved us having to load it on its trailer everyday. The view from our campsite was poster perfect, with bird life abundant, eagles, asprey and hundreds of white pelicans. The campsite itself is dry camping with a rustic table and an even more rustic fire pit, but lots of room for 2 rigs, a boat trailer and a 25 ft RV. With clean restrooms near and a very nice fish cleaning station you are all set with all of the amenities you need. I especially noticed how quiet it was at night which made for a very relaxing camping experience.

Senior Pass price was $8.00 a night and we stayed a whole week.

Talk to the employees at the lodge as they will help you figure out where the fish are and what they are biting on at that particular time of the year of your visit. Very friendly and helpful staff and they know the fishing tricks for Crane Prairie and have a well stocked store for all of your camping and fishing needs.



Crane Prairie Campground Oregon

  • Crane Prairie Campground is located on the East shore of its namesake Crane Prairie Reservoir.  It  has multiple camp grounds, 4 forest service and 1 private RV park and resort. Located 33 miles from Bend, Oregon, just off the scenic Cascades Lakes Highway. It’s a man made lake created in 1922, to help with irrigation issues.

  • Waterfowl flourishes with wonderful viewing areas. Sandhill cranes, Canadian geese, bald eagles and osprey are a few of the large birds that frequent the area.
  • On summer mornings its possible to see Rocky Mountain Elk grazing in the meadows.
  •  Let’s not forget the fishing, rainbow trout and bass are abundant.  Fish cleaning stations and boat ramps are within the campground.
  • The campground offers many cites that accommodate rv’s and tents, several located right on the waterfront. Cites are equipped with tables and fire rings with grills.
  • Showers and a small grocery store are located at the near by resort.
  • To reserve a site contact RESERVE AMERICA

MAY 29 thru May 30 , 2016

We returned to Crane Prairie Resort and stayed 4 days ,with perfect weather and fishing conditions. This resort is located just across the street from the Crane Prairie campground which is part of the forest service. Our campground at the resort was $35.00 a night with full hookups. The hook ups needed some tender loving care. The electritricity registered 106 volts and with our serge protector we were not  able to use anything electric due to its protection from low voltage. So needless to say we had to switch everything to  propane.We did go discuss this with the management, we were told they were at the end of the line. Well the end of the line did not do much to protect our appliances or air conditioner. It did get down to 31 degrees at night, luckily we had our buddy heater to save the day.

Below are  pictures of our fantastic stay with our friends.

Cheers From Liz and Jeff-Just Around The Bend