JUNE 21, 2016


Geocaching brings you to places you might not have ventured to while simply following a map. For example we found a cache at the entrance of a beautiful winery, well yes you then have to have a (little) tasting, RIGHT-EH. The name of the winery was COASTAL BLACK, their varieties of wine was unique as it was not made from grapes, rather they used fruit and home harvested honey. I of course was encouraged to try all of the varieties, such as Blackberry, Raspberry and Blueberry Table Wines. The wines were Organic in nature, with a very slight aftertaste of fruit and honey. Most of the fruits for their wines were grown on site, I would rate this winery a 10, for the ambience and the best wine I have ever tasted. I purchased a bottle of Blackberry table wine for $14.00 US dollars, what a deal. I should have ordered a case, but US Customs probably wouldn’t let me back in the USA. HA.

JUNE 21, 2016


A very elegant winery with beautiful spacious grounds. The Tasting  selections of the day were all high quality and hand crafted, with grapes grown locally.The unique food truck below was offering very creative organic, vegetarian fare, just in case you tasted to much wine.


June 24, 2016


Driving up the winding driveway to this very prestigious winery reminded me of Napa Valley, USA. The grounds were exquisite, with carefully placed sculptures, inter mingled with lavender, herbs and flowers. The wine steward was amazing, helpful, funny all in one and she even gave us a few recipe ideas. With lots of helpful information regarding the future plans for the grounds and surprise, the owner of the winery is James Cameron, producer and director. We loved the fact that the wine was handcrafted from grapes grown on the estate and other local vineyards.The winery also practices a sustainable, organic environment without hindering the high quality of their product.It was a very difficult decision as all of the tastings were excellent. I also enjoyed a 2014 Beausephine after tasting the selected wines of the day, I chose a port style red wine called 07-08 FORTE. I also rate this winery a plus 10, excellent.

June 26, 2016


I enjoyed the tastings, especially that I prefer the fruit wines. What surprised me is what I liked the best was the fine selection of ciders they offer. I selected a cedar called Ragged Ass Road Cider, with highlights of bourbon. Nice!