Leavenworth Washington

July 9, 2016

Leavenworth is a town you will have to decide for yourself if you love it or not. Having lived in a tourist town for many years, the lines of traffic and people kinda get to us.We Are really glad we stopped, the town even provided free RV parking, lots of unique shops, even Starbucks is decorated in a bavarian style, loved it. Of course Jeff admittedly found a place that served homemade bratwurst at Munchen Haus.  Delicious, with fresh toasted buns, Jeff had the Bratwurst and I had the Bratwurst infused with stout. Included homemade German potato salad and sauerkraut , all for $12.00. Munchen Haus had plenty of seating and a beautiful upstairs seating area with a spectacular view of the city. The line to order  had to be a half of a block long, all the food was homemade and a choice of about 20 different mustards. Josh would have been in nirvana here.

We then proceeded to tour the town. We sampled cheese, smoked cheese, smoked bratwursts and German bacon. It seems like we are always eating. We enjoyed all of the little unique shops and the German music in the town square.




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