Geocaching in Fintry Provincial Park Canada

July 5, 2016

Rain, Rain, Rain, that is the forecast. Therefore, after a beautiful day yesterday of hiking, geocaching and kayaking, we are homing in until this drizzle ends. Jeff says we are then hiking up the 3-mile hill behind our trailer to yes geocache.  The weather is supposed to clear up around 1 pm, so off we will be.

We approached the hill with lots of energy, geocached up the steep gravel roadway, finding four caches along the way. We were delighted to meet some very interesting people along the roadway, two carrying bear spray-hum, one from Sweden and an 85-year-old woman giving us a run for our money. Finally, we are at the top of Fintry Falls, spectacular views and well worth my pain; Jeff on the other hand was still looking for something to climb. What a great geocaching area with lots of thought put into the containers, including panoramic views of Lake Okanogan.

Cheers until the next Geocaching adventure Jeff and Liz

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