Bear Creek Parking Lot BC


July 1, 2016

Today is Canada Day EH , we are now at Bear Creek Provincial Park in the over flow parking area, which is much better than being at a Walmart parking Lot, nothing against Walmart but we actually have a view of the lake here. Therefore, we set up our BBQ, Canadian chairs and are getting ready for the fireworks. Canadians are amazing, friendly and full of life with a true love of their beautiful providence. The people played games; barbequed, swam in lake Okanagan and waited for the fireworks. They are strict in Canada about being loud and drinking too much, just a wonderful family atmosphere. At dusk, we took our chairs to the water’s edge, wrapped in blankets and enjoyed the spectacular fireworks show, well worth staying up past eleven for as it doesn’t get dark here until around 10;30 at night.

July 2, 2016

Another day spent in the overflow camping site, tomorrow we have reservations at Fintry Provincial Park, 14 Kilometers up the roadway but still on Lake Okanogan. Therefore, we are going to explore the town of Kelowna, find some wineries and enjoy the 80-degree weather. The wineries were beautiful. If we did not know, better we would think we were in Napa Valley, all with views of Okanagan Lake, very spectacular. Due to the holiday weekend the wineries were very crowded, charged $4.00 for a tasting, which you did not have to worry about, as you could not approach the tasting bar due to the crowds.  We did find a goat farm; yes, Julie a real goat farm named Carmelis Artisan Goat Cheese. Unbelievably they also wanted $2.00 for a tasting, but they had goat gelato and they had Jeff’s attention. We sampled lots of different, innovative goat cheese, spreads and gelato, very yummy.


Cheers from Canada jeff and Liz

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