June 20, 2016

The featured picture above is right outside our campground on the Campbell River Estuary in Campbell River BC. A very beautiful area you kayak to reach the caches. With a local swan named Larry and numerous Eagles, deer and a very tame Mink’s we haven’t named yet.

JUNE 21, 2016

We set out with our GPS’s fully charged, headed from Thunderbird RV Park down The Strait of Georgia. Today we are searching for caches near the water’s edge along the  the coast line to the quaint town of Comox. We love the Canadian caches as they are innovative with creative containers and nicely hidden. Love to see a few more hints on the micros, especially when your looking in berry vines and huge piles of driftwood. Challenging !!!

Just A  Fun Note from A geocacher is a person who uses Multi-Billion dollar satalites to find tupperware in the forest.

June 23, 2016

We continued our geoquest in and around Campbell River today, near the docks and parks, using our bikes as transportation. Super way to get around and the bike trails in Campbell are wonderful.

JUNE 24, 2016

Today we Geocached down the sound to a tiny park which had a wood carving contest in progress. What talented carvers these men and women are, burly lumberjack looking artists. The one conclusion one might have is this is a very noisy craft. Chainsaws, drills, grinders, did I say chainsaws, wow it was loud.IMG_7148


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