JUNE 17, 2016
Sooke BC is today’s adventure. Jeff’s great aunt May,s house is still located in Sooke and we are headed to locate it today. In the 1950,s, Jeff’s family visited her often. We found Aunt May’s house it is in good shape and Jeff totally recognized it. Jeff has fond memories of Aunt May’s homemade food and how vibrant she was See picture BELOW.

IMG_6908.JPG Off we go to Whiffen spit park. It’s a 1 ½ mile walk to the end of the spit with (yes) 6 geocaches along the way. Oh yeah, we found all of the caches and all are in great shape with unique containers. We sat at the end of the spit  and watched the fishing boats come in and hoped to see a whale or sea lion. Well not today.IMG_6903.JPG

At the beginning of the spit is a Bed and Breakfast call Sooke Harbor House. Famous for its vast grounds of organic edible flowers, vegetables and fresh seafood. We treated ourselves for our anniversary to lunch. Jeff had fresh caught sole with a pear salsa over lentils sautéed in a herbal infused broth. Topped with a variety of edible flowers, which gave an additional unique flavor to the dish. OMG!!!!! I really didn’t think my dish could top his but it was as excellent. I ordered the fresh clams and mussels in a smoked bacon and ale broth. It was Devine, including the garnish of edible flowers for flavor and texture.




On the way out of town, we had been told about a unique coffee shop called “ Stick In The Mud”. If you want to read about them their web it is, it is the best coffee I have ever had. They roast their own beans right on the premises and just the smell is incredible. It is definitely worth a trip to Sooke BC.




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