Welcome to Just Around The Bend our travel  blog. As we go about our adventures we are hoping to see and experience some wonderful places and meet a lot of interesting people. One of our challenges on the road and living in our little caravan is to stay fit and eat healthy. One would hope that the time factor is on our side and we can be creative in our cuisine keeping it healthy and tasty. Another fun goal is to visit every National Park on our journey in our 24 foot Navion Sprinter. see ya on the road!

We are Jeff and Liz from Bend Oregon. Five years ago we retired and have been traveling and exploring the United States and Canada in our 2018 Winnebago Navion. Our goal is to visit all of the National Parks and State Parks and National Monuments and any and all points of interests.  Our RV is a 4 season ready and so are we. In the past five years we have traveled extensively through the Pacific Northwest into British Columbia and spent the last two winters in The Sonoran Desert. We are ready to head out and see the rest of the country and lots more of Canada. We will keep you posted on upgrades to our RV and life on the road. Happy Trails from JUST AROUND THE BEND.

Happy Trails,  Jeff and Liz   ♥

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